this "fashion" we speak of

Something that I find unfathomable about this world is the amount of people that find anything fashion-related to be shallow, elitist, or any other word possessing a similarly negative connotation. Contrary to what many might believe, fashion is really not any of those things. Unless you happen to be swimming in a bathtub filled with diamonds and loads of cash as we speak, but let's disregard those few people, shall we? You might even be one of those people that says, "Who gives a crap about fashion? It shouldn't matter what we look like on the outside." Say this all you want, but let's face it: most people really do care about how people perceive them. No person can honestly say that nothing can get to them, no matter how confident (and/or cocky) they are. First impressions are important, and looking the part often goes hand-in-hand with acting the part. Now, can a woman/man who walks into a job interview, hair unkempt, clothes mismatched and disheveled, compete with a woman/man who walks into an interview looking polished and professional? To be frank, I think not.

Not only does fashion play a role in how people view us, but it is a great way to express yourself and develop your own personal style; one that identifies you as well, you. Fashion is literally art that you can wear. And what could be cooler than wearing your own Picasso? Or Van Gogh? Or Monet? Or Pollack? Think about it.

But the reason that I love fashion the most: it gives everyone a chance to feel beautiful. Do you remember how pretty you felt when you wore that dress that you fell in love with when you tried it on in the store? It really is a fantastic self-esteem booster.

This is why I love fashion. Hopefully one day if and when I make it into the industry, I can give girls everywhere that chance to feel beautiful. Maybe I'll start a charity fund where you can donate dresses to girls who don't always have an opportunity to dress up and feel pretty. I can't imagine a better feeling than making someone love the way they look, as well as seeing the smiles on their faces when they look in the mirror.

Keep on smiling!

P.S. - I've recently become very interested in photography, so I'm hoping to start posting some original photos that I take of things that inspire me!


  1. I talked about the exact same thing with my friends a couple of weeks ago. You are supposed to feel attractive and get some kind of satisfaction out of the clothes you wear and not just wear what everyone else wears (unless that is what satisfies you.) Really great post!

    PS. I just love Curious George!

  2. nice photos