gothic vibe

Raise Your Weapon - Deadmau5

I didn't really do much of anything today, but I somehow found the energy to get dressed, put on makeup, you know. I had so much fun playing around with the gothic style. Sometimes, it's awesome to be a little dark. >:0

I was really inspired by the designer Commes des Garcons, as well as the one and only: TIM BURTON.


a white morning

So What - Miles Davis

What a great morning! Thankfully, when I woke up, it wasn't snowing like it currently is, blowing in gusts that threaten to shut me up in my house for the foreseeable future. As planned, I woke up at around 8:00 this morning so that my dad and I could drive into the city for breakfast and do a little bit of walking around. It turns out that our usual breakfast spot, The Grey Dog, was closed! But fear not, our backup plan was just as splendid, and I got some awesome shots of the food.

Where exactly did we go? With my quick-thinking mind (oh yeah, props to me), I offered up the brilliant idea of going to the Clinton Street Baking Company, which I'd heard has some of the best pancakes in NYC. And it surely did not disappoint.

Unfortunately, I've been sticking to a [mainly] gluten-free diet recently, so I opted for an "omelette du fromage et jambon". That's a ham and cheese omelette. Which, might I point out, was bigger than my entire face. Even while folded up in that manner that omelettes tend to be folded. Instead, my dad got the pancakes. But, HOW COULD ANY HUMAN BEING RESIST THE TEMPTATION OF THOSE DELECTABLE BLUEBERRY PANCAKES!? So, I had to surrender.

Fortunately, it didn't start snowing until later in the morning, and I got the chance to walk down to Washington Square Park for some photo ops.

It was FREEZING, so I wore my heavy off-white North Face jacket, cherry red Dr. Martens, high socks, and a black sequined beret that I actually got at this holiday market thing that they have going on in Union Square by the Greenmarket.

Thank goodness I've got nowhere to be this afternoon. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Merry Christmas!

Pictures of People Taking Pictures - Jack Johnson

Hey guys! How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was seriously awesome (and when I say that, I mostly mean the food)! There is just no stopping me during the holidays. But whatevs. You only live once.

It totally sucks that I haven't been on here in a while, but FINALLY, at long last, winter break has liberated me from the long, agonizing hours spent poring over my various notes and textbooks and the like. I'm so happy to be back on here, and equally happy to announce the arrival of my new and beautiful Nikon D1300! So excited to use it for all of my outfit pictures!

I may or may not be venturing into the city tomorrow morning with my father for breakfast, depending on whether or not this blizzard hits us earlier than expected. It'd be a shame not to go; I'm all geared up and beyond stoked to take some cool pictures with my new camera!

I took some really fun pictures of my family this weekend, so I'll most likely be uploading them sometime tomorrow afternoon. For now, Merry Christmas everyone!


in love

Dr. Martens! Finally!

Chanel BG Resort Catalogue '11.

I've seen some pretty incredible things in my life. And this might just make it onto that list. Straight from the Bergdorf catalogue. And as per usual, no one does it like Lagerfeld. Gold is legitimately my favorite color now. Wait, is gold a color or a metallic? Either way, it's seriously awesome. Hehe.

And my cherry red Dr. Martens arrived not too long ago! Probably one of my favorite things to wear at the moment (along with my gloves that I don't have to take off in order to use my iPhone!).

P.S. - I might be going to look at digital cameras with my dad tomorrow after my class at Parsons. Maybe, just maybe, I can convince him to give in? ;) I mean, how can he resist this adorable face?


expecto patronum

Oh my goodness, I haven't posted in over a week! :O Unfortunately, I have once again been bombarded with silly homework assignments that take far too long to complete. But I felt it necessary to review Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which is turning out to be a box office sensation...and rightfully so, in my opinion.

When I read the book back when I was in elementary school, I recall being utterly terrified at the number of people that died from the beginning to the end...and I don't really remember much else. However, to make a long story short, the movie was amazing. Honestly, I was sitting on the very edge of my seat in the movie theater, and I'm sure I didn't blink once for 2 hours and 40 minutes. I actually think that I have plans to see it again this coming weekend...and I. Can't. WAIT.

The movie was a perfect blend of action, thrill, and humor, and it kept me on edge and entertained for the entire time. I'm not really the biggest movie lover either, since I don't like to sit still for extended periods of time. You know how movies never really live up to the books? This is one movie that definitely does, and if you haven't seen it, then you seriously shouldn't be reading this right now...GO SEE IT.

And if you have seen it, what'd you think?


for the sake of brevity, which is usually not my style

Unfortunately, I have a [bothersome] math quiz tomorrow which I am supposed to be studying for, but am not because technology distracts me far too easily. So, I've been hearing about this thing that people are allegedly doing...which is using the same six items of clothing, but implemented in different ways, with very different outfits. I don't know how these people do it.

I've been obsessing over the tights and denim shorts look for quite some time now. I'm also really into long, sparkly necklaces and graphic tees (BEATLES) at the moment.

P.S. - Can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving already? I feel like the year just started! Time flies...


un penseur

Yesterday, I had my once-a-week-for-forty-minutes session of French. It was quite a pity, because the only thing I learned was simply that I needed to study more. My teacher had asked me to say, "I am fourteen years old," to which I replied, "Actually, I'm fifteen." I'm not really sure if that was my subconscious overpowering my intelligence, because truth be told, I did not know how to say "fourteen" in French, but I did in fact know how to say "fifteen". But lo and behold, he insisted I use fourteen, and I'm pretty sure that the expression I wore upon my face right then and there made it blatantly obvious that I had not studied.

I should probably spend more time doing this, too.

I do think I'm making progress. Well, slow progress, but progress nonetheless. Hey, it's really not that easy when you're only doing it once a week as opposed to every day! But I really am enjoying myself in the class, and it's especially awesome because it's only me and three other people. Thank goodness for that, 'cause the language is über complicated (but very pretty and totally worth the humiliation I occasionally go through). The hardest part is probably trying to get the accent down. My teacher's all like, "Up in the nose!" and I'm like, "What!? That's for smelling, not speaking!" Well, I try, I try. That's gotta count for something. So, please enjoy these photos that I took from my summer trip to Paris, aka my future residence.

Sick...in the best way possible. You just don't get shiz like that in NY.


as i patiently await the day where i purchase a true nikon

This past Saturday, I had an epiphany. Why have I not yet begun to pester my parents about buying me a real camera? You know, those big Nikons that are probably larger than me. When I asked my dad, he was all, "Do you even know how to work the thing? I'm not spending that much money on a camera that you can't use." And I have come up with a simple solution to this problem...LEARNING. Yes, I am quite aware of the various settings and options that the camera has, but other than that, how hard can pressing a button to take a picture be? So listen, it's either a camera or a TV in my bedroom. Now, which is obviously a more productive investment?

I shouldn't really complain though, because I do happen to have a small digital Nikon. But I recently realized that a lot of the pictures that I take indoors come out orange. I have very high standards, so this simply will NOT do. If anyone can recommend one of those big Nikons for beginners, that'd be great. So for now, pictures with the teensy camera:



Stressful day? Just click "play", and let the photos sweep you away.

Postcards from Far Away - Coldplay

Prospective holiday card shots from two years ago. It remains a mystery to me why these remain unused to this very day. Photos taken by my lovely father.


junya watanabe SS'11 - tim burton, have you seen this collection?

In the shadow of Comme des Garçons is yet another edgy, cool, and eccentric designer. Junya Watanabe worked for the Comme des Garçons label for about eight years before the establishment of his very own label, which is still in part owned by Comme.

One of my favorites in the collection. After a good ten minutes of staring, I still cannot figure out how the top works! So intriguing and cool.

The top and bottom seem to contradict each other a little bit! I happen to be a huge fan of juxtaposition when it comes to fashion.

Have the face gloves begun to thoroughly creep you out? I love the fact that the models look like walking and breathing mannequins. If the clothes could speak, they might have said something like, "When we're in stores, this is what you'll see on display!" And don't you feel like characters in a Tim Burton movie might look akin to these!?

The sheerness of the trench coat makes the look so ghostly...creepy cool!

Definitely could be a relative.

Yes, I am quite aware of the excessive amount of photos. There were way too many awesome looks that I simply could not limit myself. Now, if I had to choose only two words to sum up the whole collection: GOTHIC GLAMOUR.