as i patiently await the day where i purchase a true nikon

This past Saturday, I had an epiphany. Why have I not yet begun to pester my parents about buying me a real camera? You know, those big Nikons that are probably larger than me. When I asked my dad, he was all, "Do you even know how to work the thing? I'm not spending that much money on a camera that you can't use." And I have come up with a simple solution to this problem...LEARNING. Yes, I am quite aware of the various settings and options that the camera has, but other than that, how hard can pressing a button to take a picture be? So listen, it's either a camera or a TV in my bedroom. Now, which is obviously a more productive investment?

I shouldn't really complain though, because I do happen to have a small digital Nikon. But I recently realized that a lot of the pictures that I take indoors come out orange. I have very high standards, so this simply will NOT do. If anyone can recommend one of those big Nikons for beginners, that'd be great. So for now, pictures with the teensy camera:

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