Before i start to tell you a little bit about this ensemble, i must tell you one thing. My JEAN LEGGINGS are not jeggings. It's quite funny actually, how this nonsensical term all of sudden sprouted and became a highly irritating epidemic in the fashion industry. I don't have too big of a problem with the extra syllable that comes along with saying "jean leggings". I get it, i get it. We're trying to be clever. We're trying to start inventing new words because our society just isn't witty enough as it is. My chemistry teacher told our class that IBM spelled out "I B M" in atoms for advertisement purposes. I think that's pretty cool (NERD STATUS). But please, save the name combinations for the celebrity couples.

My day (dramatization):

Friend: Oh my gosh! Are those jeggings!?
Moi: Nope.
Friend: (reaches over to touch them) Um, yeah they are.
Moi: No, they are not.
Friend: Yes, they are.
Moi: What makes you so sure of that?
Friend: I just touched them, they're jeggings.
Moi: (surrenders) They're JEAN leggings.
Friend: So they are jeggings!

(I swear, i'm not that obnoxious in person.)

A little inspiration...

Back to the outfit. I really wanted to do some Euro grunge-y military-ish vibes. The JEAN LEGGINGS are the most comfortable things that i have ever in my life worn on my lower half. I would sleep in these, dance in these, and swim in these (well, maybe not; a lifeguard probably wouldn't allow it). As for the accessories, the bow is Forever 21 and the necklace is Betsey Johnson. Here are some close-ups, enjoy!

My favorite pair of shoes at the moment! They're Guess.



I've come to realize that the more i wish for the weather to get cooler, the more often it does just the opposite. Despite being stuck in this perpetual state of warmth, i decided to defy the workings of Mother Nature:

Mother Nature: It's going to be a gorgeous, sunny, and warm day today! With no hint of fall in the air!

Me: Shove it. I'm wearing whatever the hell i want. Just don't make me overheat to death.

Well, i suppose it wasn't quite that warm out today. But still. I'm simply trying to emphasize the fact that it's almost NOVEMBER. NOVEMBER. And i can almost feel the ominous presence of summer hanging in the air. Summer, i'm sorry, but we're through...i mean, until you come around again in a few months.

Confession: Didn't wear quite this exact outfit today. The boots have a little bit of a heel, and i didn't want to freak out some poor unfortunate soul who happened to be doing the wrong thing at the wrong time while walking in the hall. And mistaking me for a teacher. Although I have done that before, and it's quite comical. And oh yeah, no hats in school.

But it's just so...so...CUTE. And Parisian.

Let's not even get into the whole silly bandz thing, okay? But just for the record, there's a bunny, a seahorse, a teddy bear, and a zebra with a huge and protruding derrière.

Never really knew what this print was...looks like a bunch of multicolored logs. Kind of graphic.

I love me a little sparkle!


Z Spoke by Zac Posen Spring '11

Let's just cut right to the chase. I'm a Zac Posen junkie (if that is the appropriate terminology, but who cares?). His gowns, his daywear, EVERYTHING. Basically, i've been a Zac Posen fan ever since i came out of the fashion womb. My point of view might seem a little biased now that i've unveiled that fact, but trust me, my reaction toward this particular collection would've been more or less the same had i never heard of Zac Posen.

Many times, i find ready-to-wear labels to be snoozy when compared to the more grandiose label itself. When i first saw this, i was A: puzzled. B: intrigued. C: puzzled once again. D: able to make some general realizations. Let me just paint you a quick picture (the numbers are there to represent my first browse through, second, etc.):

#1): >:/ ? (aren't my eyebrows lovely?)

#2: :0 !

#3: >:/ ???


The first time i looked through the collection, i didn't really 100% get it. I didn't notice the humorous little appliqués he used, or the cool lace up boots which i've been mildly obsessed with lately (i use the term mild rather loosely), or even the handbags with the people faces on it. But wait, that might simply be due to the fact that i was up until about 3am last night (okay, fine, this morning if you really want to get technical with me). And by the way, I LOVE THE HANDBAGS WITH THE PEOPLE FACES ON IT, so i'm not quite sure how i managed to overlook that detail. There was something about the eccentricity of the whole thing that made me fall in love with it.

Then we were getting some fruity-tutti vibes here, too. Graphic apple/pineapple tees, citrus-y colors, kaleidoscopic makeup. And even the fruits were wearing makeup. I mean, who doesn't love themselves an apple decked out in blue eye makeup? I just wish that the apple tee was paired with the black lace up booties. It would be hardcore (pun intended, i hope you laughed). Then some of the appliqués were kind of adorable, especially on the yellow jumpsuit, which i eventually found out to be some flowery doodads.

If there was one thing that I adored the most though, it was definitely the shapes and silhouettes. If there's a guy who knows how to change things up, it's Mr. Zac Posen.


and it was all worthwhile?...a resounding YES.

Betsey Johnson Spring 2011. Wait, SPRING 2011? I'm pretty sure that's "Fall" 2011. Or "Fail" 2011. Whatever floats your boat.

Some shows are colorful. Some shows are sophisticated. Some are just...(shudders) let's not even talk about those. Yet they all manage to be diverse and interesting, and no single label's work could ever possibly be confused with another's. But, how can a label learn and grow without taking some risky (and i mean very risky)...well, risks. There is no easy way to avoid the inevitable "why isn't this designer in the loonybin" appellation that may be tagged onto a huge "gamble" taken by a designer that went completely and utterly wrong.

Naomi Campbell - Vivienne Westwood '93. I mean come ON, these are TEN INCH SHOES. She's already, what, 5 foot 10!? A six-inch version of these couldn't suffice, I suppose. I do have to say I love plaid with the white tights though.

But you've gotta be brave to take these kinds of chances! So i commend thee designers who willst take the chance to be the noblest of the noble and take the riskiest of all risks for the sake of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - sorry for trailing off a tad, i've been pretty hung up on this whole school gig. And quite frankly, i think that this gig should be canceled. Indefinitely canceled.

McQueen Spring 2009. Creepy. But intriguing for sure. However, if i wanted to have pleasant dreams that night, i might've had to look away. If someone that looked like that was chasing me...YIKES. Where does her mouth begin and end?

How is she able to do that!? And a cartwheel too!? This particular mistake was definitely worth making.

Going back to Betsey Johnson. Although i thought that her show was far too...what's the word...flamboyant, but what's great about her is how enthusiastic she is about her work. I was watching her interview right before her show, and she spoke about her work so proudly and honorably, even if it may not have lived up to some people's expectations. She's unique, and what would the fashion industry be like if each designer was similar to another? I know...a snoozefest. Which is the polar opposite of what fashion should be. It should be fun, energetic, and YOU.

So, the next time you're putting an outfit together...be FEARLESS (think Betsey). And don't be afraid to make a mistake, because a mistake is the ultimate learning experience!


all those times

Just sitting here...browsing through some vintage/vintage-y fashion photography/images (must stop using slashes so often). I'm also breathing, in case that wasn't already clear. And hunching over my computer in such a horrific manner that if i keep this up, my posture will resemble that of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I'm short enough as it is. Trust me, that's the last thing i need. P.S. - Gushing over the French vibes we've got going on here...minus the teddy bear picture. Well, to make it fit, I shall call him Pierré. Yes. Pierré the Bear. Wow! I'm a poet and i didn't even know it! Whoops, cliché alert.
"Beary cute."

If only my bedroom looked like this...why am i so fixated on Marie Antoinette all of a sudden?

Coco Chanel fragrance bottle.

French Renaissance fashions. Normally, I would fib and tell you that one of the above women were me. Seeing as they all look rather tall, i think you might've caught me in that lie.