and it was all worthwhile?...a resounding YES.

Betsey Johnson Spring 2011. Wait, SPRING 2011? I'm pretty sure that's "Fall" 2011. Or "Fail" 2011. Whatever floats your boat.

Some shows are colorful. Some shows are sophisticated. Some are just...(shudders) let's not even talk about those. Yet they all manage to be diverse and interesting, and no single label's work could ever possibly be confused with another's. But, how can a label learn and grow without taking some risky (and i mean very risky)...well, risks. There is no easy way to avoid the inevitable "why isn't this designer in the loonybin" appellation that may be tagged onto a huge "gamble" taken by a designer that went completely and utterly wrong.

Naomi Campbell - Vivienne Westwood '93. I mean come ON, these are TEN INCH SHOES. She's already, what, 5 foot 10!? A six-inch version of these couldn't suffice, I suppose. I do have to say I love plaid with the white tights though.

But you've gotta be brave to take these kinds of chances! So i commend thee designers who willst take the chance to be the noblest of the noble and take the riskiest of all risks for the sake of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - sorry for trailing off a tad, i've been pretty hung up on this whole school gig. And quite frankly, i think that this gig should be canceled. Indefinitely canceled.

McQueen Spring 2009. Creepy. But intriguing for sure. However, if i wanted to have pleasant dreams that night, i might've had to look away. If someone that looked like that was chasing me...YIKES. Where does her mouth begin and end?

How is she able to do that!? And a cartwheel too!? This particular mistake was definitely worth making.

Going back to Betsey Johnson. Although i thought that her show was far too...what's the word...flamboyant, but what's great about her is how enthusiastic she is about her work. I was watching her interview right before her show, and she spoke about her work so proudly and honorably, even if it may not have lived up to some people's expectations. She's unique, and what would the fashion industry be like if each designer was similar to another? I know...a snoozefest. Which is the polar opposite of what fashion should be. It should be fun, energetic, and YOU.

So, the next time you're putting an outfit together...be FEARLESS (think Betsey). And don't be afraid to make a mistake, because a mistake is the ultimate learning experience!

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