Z Spoke by Zac Posen Spring '11

Let's just cut right to the chase. I'm a Zac Posen junkie (if that is the appropriate terminology, but who cares?). His gowns, his daywear, EVERYTHING. Basically, i've been a Zac Posen fan ever since i came out of the fashion womb. My point of view might seem a little biased now that i've unveiled that fact, but trust me, my reaction toward this particular collection would've been more or less the same had i never heard of Zac Posen.

Many times, i find ready-to-wear labels to be snoozy when compared to the more grandiose label itself. When i first saw this, i was A: puzzled. B: intrigued. C: puzzled once again. D: able to make some general realizations. Let me just paint you a quick picture (the numbers are there to represent my first browse through, second, etc.):

#1): >:/ ? (aren't my eyebrows lovely?)

#2: :0 !

#3: >:/ ???


The first time i looked through the collection, i didn't really 100% get it. I didn't notice the humorous little appliqués he used, or the cool lace up boots which i've been mildly obsessed with lately (i use the term mild rather loosely), or even the handbags with the people faces on it. But wait, that might simply be due to the fact that i was up until about 3am last night (okay, fine, this morning if you really want to get technical with me). And by the way, I LOVE THE HANDBAGS WITH THE PEOPLE FACES ON IT, so i'm not quite sure how i managed to overlook that detail. There was something about the eccentricity of the whole thing that made me fall in love with it.

Then we were getting some fruity-tutti vibes here, too. Graphic apple/pineapple tees, citrus-y colors, kaleidoscopic makeup. And even the fruits were wearing makeup. I mean, who doesn't love themselves an apple decked out in blue eye makeup? I just wish that the apple tee was paired with the black lace up booties. It would be hardcore (pun intended, i hope you laughed). Then some of the appliqués were kind of adorable, especially on the yellow jumpsuit, which i eventually found out to be some flowery doodads.

If there was one thing that I adored the most though, it was definitely the shapes and silhouettes. If there's a guy who knows how to change things up, it's Mr. Zac Posen.


  1. love this collection too! you're right, its so eccentric but ammmazing!
    love your blog :)

  2. I love that Naomi moment below. Yeah, Zac Posen is the sh**. Feel free to visit me anytime.


  3. I Love this post, very beautiful blog!!!)))

  4. the first one is definitely my favourite one!

  5. love his collection,
    great blog !