Hippie Couture

Style is all about self-expression, and this is my style in a nutshell. Lately, I've been really into combining two different style worlds: hip and glam. In this particular ensemble, the "hip" is coming from the funky fedora and the oversized tee. The "glam" is coming from the chunky jewelry and the Valentino-inspired bag. If I had to compare how I get dressed in the morning to anything, I would probably say it's like painting. I start with a "blank canvas", and I add splashes of the things I like as I go along. While I love crazy prints and bright colors, sometimes simple can be just as interesting. For me, this type of outfit is a ton of fun to put together, probably because I have a SLIGHT obsession with jewelry (okay, it's a pretty crazy obsession). When I have a fairly simple outfit like this one, with only an off-white tee, denim leggings, and all-black wedges, the entire look becomes dependent on accessories. My favorite part of this outfit is probably the big gold necklace, especially because my style idol has one just like it (Rachel Zoe)! I'm also really into accessories that are interesting to look at....something that makes someone randomly grab your wrist in the middle of class just out of pure curiosity to find out what exactly THAT is. The gold bracelet (0n the same arm as my bag) is a perfect example. If you were to look at it up close, it would look like rows of seashells in alternating directions.
Well, this is my style, Hippie Couture! What's yours? :)


P.S.- Sorry if comments haven't been working. I changed some of the settings so that anybody can post comments now, so feel free to try again!


birthday = family...and nice presents

Wow, I got so many great things for my birthday this year! Here are some pictures of four things that I received from my family. I want to thank them all for being so thoughtful. The second from the top is a turquoise cosmetic bag (and my extremely creative friend, Sydney, who gave me a Sephora gift card to match). The really funny thing is, I have a cardigan that has that EXACT blue in it! If only it could morph into a clutch when I need it to. :) The very top is a watch with a pink plastic band that I absolutely ADORE. The second one from the bottom is a special gift from my mom and dad: a very pretty sterling silver heart ring with diamonds in the center. Finally, on the bottom, is a handbag that I fell in love with awhile ago, especially since it's a copy of one of my favorite upscale designers (can you tell whose it is?). Hopefully one day, I'll be able to afford the real one! I really love everything, and it will all be put to good use! :D

here i am!

Hey! So today is my first full day being fifteen! Before I start to do some official posts, there are a few things that I'd like to tell you all about myself. And please cut me some slack, i'm a newbie with all of this blogging stuff. First of all, I have an AMAZING twin brother, Matt, who is INCREDIBLE at tennis and plays almost every day of the week. Yeah, he's pretty intense like that. Anyway, I am a two-time "graduate" of Parsons The New School Pre-College Academy. In eighth grade, I took a course in clothing design, and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life so far! I learned a tremendous amount in just eleven weeks. I will absolutely be posting some of my work during my time there. In addition to that class, I took a course in drawing at the beginning of this year, which was also a fantastic experience. I met so many awesome, interesting people, and I will 100% be doing another course there next year.
One of my favorite places in the entire world has got to be New York City. Every chance I get, trust me, I'm there. Honestly, there is nothing you can't do! I love to window shop (even though it can be torturous sometimes, when you're looking at things you love that are WAY out of your price range) and see all the sights, although I'm sure I've seen just about everything there is to see!
Alright! Now that you know a little bit about me, I'd love to start seeing some feedback on my posts. Try to check back here as often as you can!