birthday = family...and nice presents

Wow, I got so many great things for my birthday this year! Here are some pictures of four things that I received from my family. I want to thank them all for being so thoughtful. The second from the top is a turquoise cosmetic bag (and my extremely creative friend, Sydney, who gave me a Sephora gift card to match). The really funny thing is, I have a cardigan that has that EXACT blue in it! If only it could morph into a clutch when I need it to. :) The very top is a watch with a pink plastic band that I absolutely ADORE. The second one from the bottom is a special gift from my mom and dad: a very pretty sterling silver heart ring with diamonds in the center. Finally, on the bottom, is a handbag that I fell in love with awhile ago, especially since it's a copy of one of my favorite upscale designers (can you tell whose it is?). Hopefully one day, I'll be able to afford the real one! I really love everything, and it will all be put to good use! :D

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