2011 Academy Awards

The Oscar fashions were incredible this year to say the least. Not to mention the fact that, FINALLY, a Project Runway contestant (Christian Siriano, namely) was able to actually make an Oscar statement in the fashion industry for himself. So happy I saw one of his gowns being worn. It's unfortunate that most of those contestants have to slip under the radar after all of those agonizing weeks of laborious sewing, stitching, glueing, pinning, you know, those tedious tasks that some people, such as myself, are not meticulous enough to perform.

Okay, let's switch into Oscar mode. I really have to say, the only person that I really had a problem with was Cate Blanchett in Givenchy (I didn't even bother putting up a picture). I get it. People like it because it's "a walking piece of art" or whatever B.S. is buzzing around. I'm all for the artistic and unique look, but believe it or not, I thought her dress contradicted that whole artsy thing she was probably going for. I felt as if a portrait of some 19th century voyager had originally been there, got unbearably restless, and decided to just up and leave, abandoning Cate with an empty circle in the middle of her chest. Or, more simply, it looked like someone blew a hole through the top half of her dress. So, as you may have gathered, I would not say that I particularly enjoyed seeing her in a gown like this.

For the most part, however, the fashions were great, and I'm really digging the sheer fabrics, reds, and nudes that we were seeing so much of. Mila Kunis looked absolutely stunning in her sheer, lacy, lavander Elie Saab gown. And the hair, makeup, and jewelry only added to her gorgeous ensemble.

(Photo Courtesy CBS News)
Mandy Moore was one of my absolute favorites. Cascading sequins, sheerness, nude color...what more can you possibly ask for!?

(Photo Courtesy CBS News)
Halle Berry's gown had some pretty similar qualities to Mandy Moore's, except it was maybe a little more Disney princess-y and fairytale-like. WHIMSICAL.

(Photo Courtesy VOGUE)
What is it with those famous pregnant women who always manage to look awesome!? I'm not even a huge Natalie Portman fan, but this color is seriously amazing on her.

(Photo Courtesy VOGUE)
There is no way in hell that I could ever hate anything that Anne Hathaway wears, so this dress represents all of the gowns she wore last night. That woman is always fabulous (thanks Rachel Zoe!).



(Photo Courtesy VOGUE)

Let me just say that fall is never an excuse for drab colors when it comes to Prabal. Lots of bright reds and pinks, and I absolutely fell in love with these cut out black tights that he had, OMG. Must find a knockoff pair for myself, this is urgent. He really is the master of color. I also loved his sequin work; it was all very innovative and, well, just super pretty. So yeah, congratulations Prabal Gurung! Stay glamorous (not that anyone is worried about that)!


Wayne Fall '11

Hardcore Grecian edginess. Yes, I know. It sounds confusing. Let me explain.

Wayne's Fall '11 collection was a mixture of leather and drapery; an interesting, and very severe, juxtaposition if you ask me. But while just hearing those two words put together in a sentence sounds, well, unusual, it was actually very cool the way some of the outfits were executed. Overall, however, I prefered the leather looks over the drapery. The leather looked chic, edgy, and put together, while the drapery sometimes looked haphazard and shapeless.

Wayne also had these ankle-length red silk skirts that I did not care for at all. Honestly, it just looked like a piece of fabric was pinned around the models' waist. The one thing I will say is that the color was bold, which I did really like. There was a pair of pants that seemed to be done in that fabric with that same color, maybe in an attempt to make them look like a different spin on a red leather pant. THAT was really awesome, and I loved the graphic tee and the cardigan that went with it.

Not only that, but there were a lot of unique silhouettes that I haven't seen before on the runway. That's partially why I enjoyed the collection so much; it was different. And I love when designers experiment, even if the outcome isn't always the greatest.


fashion week is...TOMORROW!?

I am in complete and utter astonishment...was it not just NYFW like, last week? Nonetheless, that time of year has rolled around again! I'm already booked up with shows I'm attending...well, attending at the comfort of my own home...I guess there's no way to make that seem better than actually being there. Unfortunately, school is in session at pretty inconvenient hours, so that makes seeing all of the shows live pretty difficult (especially OSCAR!). Can't wait to see what the designers have in store for next fall (not that I'm rushing fall or anything, I'm still waiting for this spring to finally start after this terrible winter)!