Wayne Fall '11

Hardcore Grecian edginess. Yes, I know. It sounds confusing. Let me explain.

Wayne's Fall '11 collection was a mixture of leather and drapery; an interesting, and very severe, juxtaposition if you ask me. But while just hearing those two words put together in a sentence sounds, well, unusual, it was actually very cool the way some of the outfits were executed. Overall, however, I prefered the leather looks over the drapery. The leather looked chic, edgy, and put together, while the drapery sometimes looked haphazard and shapeless.

Wayne also had these ankle-length red silk skirts that I did not care for at all. Honestly, it just looked like a piece of fabric was pinned around the models' waist. The one thing I will say is that the color was bold, which I did really like. There was a pair of pants that seemed to be done in that fabric with that same color, maybe in an attempt to make them look like a different spin on a red leather pant. THAT was really awesome, and I loved the graphic tee and the cardigan that went with it.

Not only that, but there were a lot of unique silhouettes that I haven't seen before on the runway. That's partially why I enjoyed the collection so much; it was different. And I love when designers experiment, even if the outcome isn't always the greatest.

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