Before i start to tell you a little bit about this ensemble, i must tell you one thing. My JEAN LEGGINGS are not jeggings. It's quite funny actually, how this nonsensical term all of sudden sprouted and became a highly irritating epidemic in the fashion industry. I don't have too big of a problem with the extra syllable that comes along with saying "jean leggings". I get it, i get it. We're trying to be clever. We're trying to start inventing new words because our society just isn't witty enough as it is. My chemistry teacher told our class that IBM spelled out "I B M" in atoms for advertisement purposes. I think that's pretty cool (NERD STATUS). But please, save the name combinations for the celebrity couples.

My day (dramatization):

Friend: Oh my gosh! Are those jeggings!?
Moi: Nope.
Friend: (reaches over to touch them) Um, yeah they are.
Moi: No, they are not.
Friend: Yes, they are.
Moi: What makes you so sure of that?
Friend: I just touched them, they're jeggings.
Moi: (surrenders) They're JEAN leggings.
Friend: So they are jeggings!

(I swear, i'm not that obnoxious in person.)

A little inspiration...

Back to the outfit. I really wanted to do some Euro grunge-y military-ish vibes. The JEAN LEGGINGS are the most comfortable things that i have ever in my life worn on my lower half. I would sleep in these, dance in these, and swim in these (well, maybe not; a lifeguard probably wouldn't allow it). As for the accessories, the bow is Forever 21 and the necklace is Betsey Johnson. Here are some close-ups, enjoy!

My favorite pair of shoes at the moment! They're Guess.

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  1. love this outfit and your inspiration pic haha, it's amazing!

    dottie x