I've come to realize that the more i wish for the weather to get cooler, the more often it does just the opposite. Despite being stuck in this perpetual state of warmth, i decided to defy the workings of Mother Nature:

Mother Nature: It's going to be a gorgeous, sunny, and warm day today! With no hint of fall in the air!

Me: Shove it. I'm wearing whatever the hell i want. Just don't make me overheat to death.

Well, i suppose it wasn't quite that warm out today. But still. I'm simply trying to emphasize the fact that it's almost NOVEMBER. NOVEMBER. And i can almost feel the ominous presence of summer hanging in the air. Summer, i'm sorry, but we're through...i mean, until you come around again in a few months.

Confession: Didn't wear quite this exact outfit today. The boots have a little bit of a heel, and i didn't want to freak out some poor unfortunate soul who happened to be doing the wrong thing at the wrong time while walking in the hall. And mistaking me for a teacher. Although I have done that before, and it's quite comical. And oh yeah, no hats in school.

But it's just so...so...CUTE. And Parisian.

Let's not even get into the whole silly bandz thing, okay? But just for the record, there's a bunny, a seahorse, a teddy bear, and a zebra with a huge and protruding derrière.

Never really knew what this print was...looks like a bunch of multicolored logs. Kind of graphic.

I love me a little sparkle!


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