fall/golf course

A golf course behind your house comes in handy sometimes:

As you can see, my shadow got all of the good genes.

Fall inspiration '10.

Stella McCartney inspired tee.
American Eagle mohawk earflap hat.

Still not quite sure how I managed to convince my brother, Matt, who always claims he's "busy", or has "homework" or some other bull like that to come along on this venture to the golf course behind our house. And let me tell you that getting there was no hop, skip, and jump. It actually wasn't any of the above. Not even close. Matt had to get a pair of hedge clippers and make a path for us, and despite his efforts, the path was still woodsy (I almost tore my tights), sinuous, and treacherous when you're trying not to ruin your clothes. It was worth it though, and it wasn't even that cold out. Mission accomplished.


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