junya watanabe SS'11 - tim burton, have you seen this collection?

In the shadow of Comme des Garçons is yet another edgy, cool, and eccentric designer. Junya Watanabe worked for the Comme des Garçons label for about eight years before the establishment of his very own label, which is still in part owned by Comme.

One of my favorites in the collection. After a good ten minutes of staring, I still cannot figure out how the top works! So intriguing and cool.

The top and bottom seem to contradict each other a little bit! I happen to be a huge fan of juxtaposition when it comes to fashion.

Have the face gloves begun to thoroughly creep you out? I love the fact that the models look like walking and breathing mannequins. If the clothes could speak, they might have said something like, "When we're in stores, this is what you'll see on display!" And don't you feel like characters in a Tim Burton movie might look akin to these!?

The sheerness of the trench coat makes the look so ghostly...creepy cool!

Definitely could be a relative.

Yes, I am quite aware of the excessive amount of photos. There were way too many awesome looks that I simply could not limit myself. Now, if I had to choose only two words to sum up the whole collection: GOTHIC GLAMOUR.

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  1. It's great! hair color is beautiful
    I like stripe!!:)