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Dr. Martens! Finally!

Chanel BG Resort Catalogue '11.

I've seen some pretty incredible things in my life. And this might just make it onto that list. Straight from the Bergdorf catalogue. And as per usual, no one does it like Lagerfeld. Gold is legitimately my favorite color now. Wait, is gold a color or a metallic? Either way, it's seriously awesome. Hehe.

And my cherry red Dr. Martens arrived not too long ago! Probably one of my favorite things to wear at the moment (along with my gloves that I don't have to take off in order to use my iPhone!).

P.S. - I might be going to look at digital cameras with my dad tomorrow after my class at Parsons. Maybe, just maybe, I can convince him to give in? ;) I mean, how can he resist this adorable face?

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