Merry Christmas!

Pictures of People Taking Pictures - Jack Johnson

Hey guys! How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was seriously awesome (and when I say that, I mostly mean the food)! There is just no stopping me during the holidays. But whatevs. You only live once.

It totally sucks that I haven't been on here in a while, but FINALLY, at long last, winter break has liberated me from the long, agonizing hours spent poring over my various notes and textbooks and the like. I'm so happy to be back on here, and equally happy to announce the arrival of my new and beautiful Nikon D1300! So excited to use it for all of my outfit pictures!

I may or may not be venturing into the city tomorrow morning with my father for breakfast, depending on whether or not this blizzard hits us earlier than expected. It'd be a shame not to go; I'm all geared up and beyond stoked to take some cool pictures with my new camera!

I took some really fun pictures of my family this weekend, so I'll most likely be uploading them sometime tomorrow afternoon. For now, Merry Christmas everyone!

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