when we lose control

Katy in her "Dot Dress" and Snoop Dogg in his "Cupcake Suit". So adorable I could eat them up (literally).

Alright, I would LOVE to start this particular topic off with a question. What makes a terrific music video? Well, the music of course. But even some of the best songs out there are tarnished simply due to their overly-complex and misleading music videos. Oftentimes, I think that the issue at hand is that the wrong message is being sent out. For example, "California Gurls" by Katy Perry. Don't get me wrong, I'm actually a huge fan of this song (although I'm somewhat ashamed to admit it). However, I was a bit confused at why the prominent theme was candy. I mean, I guess I have to give the makers a little bit of credit for throwing in a beach shot, as well as the "daisy dukes" and "bikinis on top". But even some of the most puzzling videos have upsides. I gotta say, I was really diggin' Snoop Dogg's cupcake suit and Katy's Dot Dress. Which smoothly brings me into what I think contributes a great deal to a music video. The CLOTHES (but when do clothes NOT help matters?).

Is the green color scheme supposed to make me "feel lucky"?
Because it's definitely working.

I present to one of my favorite music videos stylewise. Here we have an already über-talented duo whose songs have both memorable and catchy lyrics. I found this video particularly interesting because multiple styles are represented throughout the video. We've got André 3000 and Big Boi sporting the "classy prep" look with the suspenders, blazers, bow ties, and collared shirts. However, I couldn't help but notice "two worlds colliding" in André's (yes, we're on a first-name basis) outfit. His upper half was classy prep, and his lower half seemed to be leaning towards old-school golfer, what with the madras pants and golf shoes which I surprisingly adore despite my lack of interest in anything golf-related. And then we have the backup singers showing off an equestrian side (i.e. the helments, riding boots, and jodhpurs). Normally, I would dismiss this level of juxtaposition as insane, or just plain strange. But much to my awe, everything seems to work. From the colors to the styles, it somehow ALL ties in together, and one thing compliments the next. And just getting off track a little bit, I love the nostalgia in the beginning of the video with the antique television and old-fashioned setting. To sum this up, I would say "genius".

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