Christian Siriano Spring 2011

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Christian Siriano. Where to begin?...(pause)...(even longer, significantly more awkward pause).The guy is both completely insane, yet insanely talented. His collection actually jarred me a bit. And if you've seen it, you're probably wondering why in the name of all that is holy i would say that it jarred me (now i suppose that i'm obligated to tell you why). The things he presented were unusually subtle for him, minus the last few gowns which were so incredibly conspicuous that i'm sure that you'd be able to see them in a picture on Google Earth. But if we're comparing him to other designers, then i would still have to say he's, well, out there. And that's not necessarily bad. He's a risk taker; definitely an admirable quality in any good designer.
However, i do think that we lost a little bit of the real Christian Siriano. Most of his pieces were a little too understated for his norm. Ever since i began to watch him (with veneration) on 'Project Runway', i had come to expect only the most ridiculous things from him. The best part was that he could make a ridiculous garment, but also a tasteful one at the same time, which isn't very easy for many designers to do. I almost felt as if it needed a little extra signature Christian UMPH.
The three looks above were my personal favorites. I guess it's because i tend to be drawn to things that make you squint your eyes trying to piece the puzzles of the look together. And i like things that make you ask yourself questions, like "What kind of fabric is that?"or "How did he dream that up?" or something else entirely: "What kind of drugs was he on when putting this together?" I found the red pant and blouse ensemble to be very intriguing; at first i actually had no clue in hell what the pants were made of (they just captured my attention because they were shiny and i'm easily distracted by shiny things). I also noticed that the silhouette of the blouse was somewhat "renaissance-ish", but the print i found to be quite modern in comparison. Then, i loved the femininity of the coral-y maxi dress, and the pattern managed to be "fascinating" without being "obnoxious", which is often the case. Even though i do have to admit that i like obnoxious things sometimes, but i'm a little bit of a color junkie so that would have to make a slight amount of sense, wouldn't it? Anyway, before i completely veer off-topic, let's get back to my final favorite look. The sequined cocktail dress with tulle draped intricately over it. I particularly liked this one because normally tulle is something found underneath a garment. I'm really loving how he went against the grain and did that. It definitely paid off! Oh Christian, you really do intrigue me.

So what'd you all think of Mr. Siriano's collection? Solid or safe?

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