9 Ways To Confirm That You Care Too Much About Fashion (the number 10 is so overrated)

I know i'm a fashion victim. Are you? By the way, if all 9 things apply to you/you agree with the statement...i hope you know that you're kind of the coolest/most amazing person ever and why haven't we crossed paths yet? I'm not at all ashamed that i just said that.

1. You stop and stare at at least one shop window per block, whether it be to gaze longingly at something beautiful or gag uncontrollably at something repulsive.

2. It's über fun to sit by the entrance at Lord & Taylor with your grandmother and critique the outfits of every person who is unfortunate enough to pass by.

3. Thrift stores are totally retro and awesome as long as the owner of the store isn't some creepy old man with a mullet wearing a lumberjack-inspired ensemble. In that case, run and don't look back.

4. There's a fine line between a cropped top and a way too cropped top.

5. You like to set trends by using already created trends in your own unique way.

6. You have attempted to convert your extremely heterosexual brother to a metrosexual...and in my case, failed hopelessly.

7. There are many mornings that you have to try on at least three outfits to make sure that it's just perfect. And often end up choosing the first thing you began with. Therefore wasting time that could've been spent more productively.

8. You shed make-believe tears when you see a truly beautiful gown. For me, it's usually when i see an (rambles on) Armani Privé, Marchesa, Valentino, Oscar de la Renta (running out of breath), or a Carmen Marc Valvo piece. If you actually start to cry...then that's interesting?

9. You love to drool over clothing that you could never afford, nor wear comfortably.

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