Je parle français!

Bonjour! Parlez vous français? Une peu?

As you may have previously gathered, I would definitely consider myself a francophile, so it only seems natural that I am currently enrolled in a French conversation class! I'm having the time of my life here at Brown University. I've met some really awesome people, and let's just say that my French has improved markedly since I first arrived here a little over two weeks ago. I guess learning it once a week on the side with your Italian teacher isn't really the kind of exposure that one needs to learn a language.

With only ten days remaining, I hope to be able to at least carry on a conversation in French, especially since there is a chance (although I am not sure how likely it is) that I will be taking a short trip to Paris next month! Ugh, J'ADORE PARIS!

Even if I don't end up going to Paris, I will still have the pleasure of traveling to London, England! Would that be "très bizarre" if I were to feign a British accent there? I guess I'll just have to be as convincing as possible (shouldn't be too hard...Harry Potter hype is inundating my brain)!

Well, I better study up if I want to be fluent! Au revoir, mon ami!

And please enjoy my new favorite French rapper, Stromae (not that I know of too many other French rappers)!

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