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Glamorous - Fergie

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What a lovely day it was in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. Aside from the intermittent rain showers and the sketchy people that roam the streets uttering strange comments as you pass, I really did enjoy myself today. After a morning of French, my class took a trip to the museum at the Rhode Island School of Design to check out the works of some world-renowned French artists (as well as things that do not pertain to French culture whatsoever...yes, I'm talking about you, Big Buddha). My absolute favorite painting that I saw today was definitely one of a few elegantly dressed people strolling about the gardens in Paris. The colors were stunning...pastel pinks, greens, blues; just beautiful. I think I may have been born a century or two too late; I am truly, madly, and deeply in love with vintage everything.

The gorgeous impressionist paintings I saw, while exquisite, were not even the highlight of the afternoon. It was like heaven sent directly to me. A collection of magnificent vintage cocktail attire left me drooling for more, more, and more vintage fashion. After walking into a room adorned with paintings and photographs of glamourously dressed adults, and even equipped with a rolling clip from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, I was greeted by a huge room filled with marvelous cocktail dresses and gorgeous jewels. Oscar, Halston, Lilly Pulitzer and more could all be accounted for. Some of my favorite dresses, however, were the knee-length fringy flapper dresses from the 20s. It was so nice to get my fill of fashion while I'm not in NYC!

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Il pleut BEAUCOUP maintenant, so I think tonight might be a good night to stay in and finish up a project that I have to present tomorrow. #funfunfunfun! Stay glamorous!

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