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Aspiring magazine editor. I know it seems ridiculously early to start thinking about spring, but what the hey! I wrote this article for my school newspaper which finally came out yesterday!

That January chill has settled it, and the chunky knits and legwarmers show no sign of receding to the back of the closet. Nevertheless, those winter layers will eventually be shed. Retailers and trendsetters have not even begun to say goodbye to plaids and hello to vivid colors, but designers have already created new and unique styles. They have even found ways to reinterpret looks that have long been out of fashion. On the runway this season, it was no secret that the trends of spring 2011 would be anything but boring. From wild animal prints to subdued minimalist silhouettes, there are enough trends this season to whet the appetite of even the pickiest of fashionistas.

With ‘70s flair back and better than ever before, long, flouncy skirts, bell-bottomed pants, and funky sunglasses are proving to be a huge hit among the bohemian chic crowd. Always the risk taker, Marc Jacobs experimented with floppy, brimmed hats and wide-leg trousers in vibrant and unconventional colors. Fendi also showed some fantastic and fun pieces, featuring a bright purple jumpsuit with bold red heels and ultra-hip sunglasses. To translate these crazy ensembles into more everyday ready-to-wear outfits, try using unexpected color combinations. With her views on this particular trend, sophomore Sydney Sullivan says, “I love a bold look because it’s really fun to play around with loud colors and interesting prints.” Beware though, as there is a fine line between chic and just plain insane. Keep a color combination more subtle and less crazy by mixing and matching different colored accessories.

Marc Jacobs SS '11 (source: Getty Images)

For the girly, feminine crowd, the use of lace has been revamped and rejuvenated. New styles are both flirty and fun, and avoiding the matronly look has never been simpler. Fitted silhouettes have been designed to flatter body types of all sizes. Dolce and Gabbana has completely redone the lace look with the use of very tailored and modern shapes. While the modern look is fabulous, Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of Chanel, has kept lace classic, using a combination of both black and white fabrics to keep the look more traditional. A loose fitting lace dress or top with a long, sparkly necklace is an easy way to look young and flirty without the hassle. “Lace is definitely my favorite trend of the upcoming season,” says sophomore Chelsea Campanile. “It’s a beautiful, simple, and chic way to get a cute, girly look.”

Chanel SS '11 (source: NY Mag)

Not really all that girly? Designers have taken a whole other spin on edgy, adding hardcore, punk rock vibes to their collections. Leather, studs, and frayed edges are just a few of the ways designers creatively and effectively executed their punk styles. Balenciaga leaned towards a more androgynous look, using men’s silhouettes and shapes, and Balmain remained hardcore punk with shredded tank tops and heavily studded leather jackets. These particular styles come off a bit severe, especially as featured on the runways. By incorporating minimal amounts of these punk elements into an outfit, such as a pair of boots embellished with a few studs or a plain black leather jacket, it is simple to look edgy and cool without looking scary and goth.

While these styles may appeal to various tastes, one of the best ways for everyone to get into the groove of spring is to start throwing on those bright colors. But, of course, with the new season, there must be a new and innovative way to change the way colors are used. A style that is becoming increasingly prominent in the fashion world is called color blocking, which incorporates vivid colors into modern, geometric shapes that allow for a clean, minimalistic silhouette. Crazy silhouettes are rendered useless here, as the colors and patterns are bold enough to stand on their own. Color blocking was executed to perfection in Prabal Gurung’s spring collection. The colors that were used were refreshing, classy, and interesting, and jewelry was not at all necessary for the completion of any of the garments. A styling tip: be sure to not to go overboard with accessories when dealing with brightly colored outfits.

Prabal Gurung SS '11 (source: Style.com)

With all of these new trends circulating the fashion industry, there exists a style for every person. No need for pretending to be something that someone is not. Even though it might seem far off, spring shopping sprees are just around the corner. Remember to keep an eye out for all of the latest spring styles, and more importantly, don’t be afraid to have fun with fashion!

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