happy new year to all!

Glass of Water - Coldplay
More like EIGHT glasses of water. Let's see how long this New Year's resolution keeps up for.

Ralph Lauren scarf, pale pink...incredibly warm and cozy. Thank you Grandma.

Happy New Year everyone! Anyone have any inspiring resolutions that I could potentially add onto my already lengthy (and I mean very lengthy) list of them? I actually don't really have a list...I sort of just think of them as each day moves forward.

Me (in the morning): Ooh! Let's try going to the gym every day!
Me (on the elliptical): Let's burn at least X amount of calories every day!
Me (post-elliptical, whilst hyperventilating): Let's drink not one, not two, not three, but EIGHT glasses of water a day! Despite the fact that it isn't always convenient to be rushing to the bathroom once every fifteen minutes...but WHO CARES!? It's 2011!

Can't wait to see how many more resolutions that I can come up with...and if I can manage to keep all of them.


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