what i've been up to whilst wasting my valuable time......

Oh no, I've been committing the crime of first degree blog neglect! Well, here are some styles and trends that I must say, I THOROUGHLY enjoy. A few weeks ago when I was strolling along Fifth Avenue (aka shopper's paradise), I naturally had to stop in at one of my favorite stores that gives me style inspiration: none other than Bergdorf Goodman! My two favorite things to look at there are definitely the shoes and the eveningwear. I think that would probably be due to my insane attraction to insane-looking things (exhibit A: the purple Versace gown)! And it's never too early to start looking at those crazy stilettos that I could only imagine owning (along with the blisters that would most likely match).
As for my go-to accessory inspiration shop: Henri Bendel. That store is the absolute epitome of hip and trendy accessories. And me being a jewelry lover....it's just pure heaven. :) I really hope none of the employees minded my shoving more than a few very large pieces of jewelry onto my relatively small body.
Switching gears a little bit: finally, school is winding down! Hopefully after final exam madness I'll actually have the leisure of posting on here. Enjoy the pics and goodnight!

Looks like tissue paper, no?

I like sequins. :)

Rainboots that look like they're made out of lace? Captivating.....

Mixing prints.....crazy or cool (or a combination of the two)?

This is what I'd like to call a ballgown for the battlefield.

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