what the hell was wrong with me?

In short, let's just say I've come a very, VERY long way this year. But since I have all the time in the world right now and a year to reflect on, I guess I might as well just go into the dirty details of the whole gory, unfortunate, and PAINFUL first month of my school year. Okay, I'm exaggerating a little bit...but it was pretty torturous. And let's just say it was the polar opposite of fabulous. Mostly due to one, minuscule thing.....MARCHING BAND (gags). And actually, it really wasn't that minuscule, mainly because if you were wearing that THING (I don't think we could safely classify it as an outfit for fear of being arrested by the fashion police) in a crowd, I promise you would've been noticed. The only part of the THING that was almost acceptable was the beret (it wasn't completely acceptable because it was made out of this putrid hunter green felt-like fabric that was itchy as all hell). That would be in lieu of those tall, clunky helmets with the ridiculous feathers on top. But the overall ensemble was just ECH. Not to mention my school's colors are dark green and gold, also not the prettiest of color combinations. So naturally, I was despondent through the whole ordeal of band. I mean, don't get me wrong, playing an instrument (I played the flute) is actually fun. But the marching...uh uh.

Hello me.

Yes, that would be Katherine Hepburn. In DOTS.

An M.C. Escher. Well, my take on it.

Still life. With some unidentified fruits and vegetables thrown in.

So I switched into studio art, where I was considerably less miserable....almost even happy (let's not forget, this is still SCHOOL). I had a pretty fun class, while we were a little on the, well, um, rowdy side. Quite honestly, as long as my projects got done on time, I couldn't have cared less. Which was hardly ever. I mean, they were handed in on time. I just always seemed to find myself scrambling to finish the final part of the assignment...I tend to be an O.C.D. perfectionist at times....oftentimes.

The switch to art was a decision I 100% should have made before school started. But of course I didn't. Silly me. Well, all that matters is that I made it through the year alive (but slightly scarred from those marching band uniforms)!

Moral: Always do the thing that makes YOU happy. What you hate...eliminate.

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