to pretend is to be...sometimes...how can anyone fill the shoes of Rachel Zoe!?

I never realized how much more fun it is to rummage through someone else's closet rather than your own! I say that because I had my first client/model recently, and I think I just may have turned her closet inside out (sorry Syd)! We did a little photoshoot (why not?) and these were our three favorites. We had to make a few revisions to a couple of the original outfits to give them a little extra something. :)
My personal favorite is definitely the outfit with the black sweater cardigan, gray halter top, long beaded necklace, and funky bracelets. Now looking back, we also could have thrown on a pair of big sunglasses! Can you say urban chic!? The "white tee" outfit was kind of a fun, dancy workout look. I think the silvery gray legwarmers made it (although they're kinda hard to see)! We used the same long beaded necklace as the previous outfit, but we swapped the chunky bracelets for a set of sparkly blue bangles. I think we could probably label this one as "elliptical elegant". :D
The last outfit we used was very simple and cool. A dress with a plain black top, a tiered pink-patterned skirt, and black wedges. But of course a simple outfit MUST be styled at least with a few pieces of jewelry! We added on a short silvery necklace, purple beaded bracelets on one wrist, and a really awesome colorful and printed bangle.
Hopefully there'll be more clients to come in the not too distant future! Bye for now!


  1. I love the pics!
    I also like your blog a lot, and I'm definitely putting you on my reading list. :)


  2. Thanks so much QD! I'll be following you too!