Finally I'm getting a chance to sit down and actually post something on here! I wanted to share some of my fashion illustrations with you all; not all of these are from my course at Parsons though. Most likely, any outfit that I sketched that is blue is from Parsons because they are part of a collection I designed there. Each person in my class had to pick one issue that was important to them and base all of their designs off of that one theme. The ideas were all so diverse and interesting, ranging from rainforest destruction to the economic crisis. I connected all of my "blue" outfits through the theme of ocean pollution. We also had to decide whether we wanted to design casual clothes or eveningwear. Me being the rebel type, I was the only one who decided to do eveningwear (or maybe it was just because I wanted to be able to draw a lot of gowns due to my not being very good at drawing legs). I also did the eveningwear because I wanted to design flowy garments that represented the fluidity of the ocean. I tried to emphasize the beauty of the ocean, in an attempt to make people want to keep it as beautiful and clean as possible. After the recent oil spill near the Gulf Coast, I actually thought a lot about the collection I designed and the meaning behind it. This was EXACTLY what I thought that humanity should try to prevent!
Keep in mind: the blue things are from Parsons when I was a COMPLETE AND UTTER BEGINNER. :D Well, i guess technically i'm still sort of a beginner at all of this! Anyway, the things in black and white are my most recent (and also the one in purple). Thanks for reading!

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